Monday, November 23, 2009

It's my birthday!

I have a new painting! It is a small one and hopefully will go relatively fast (middle of december?). It is 24" x 36" and is based on a vintage ad. I made the tilted jello myself and the background is one of the many vintage pillowcases I collect.
The flowers are from Katherine Fields and they are beautiful! She has amazing taste and called my all-time favorite florist, Oxford Floral. They did the flowers for my wedding and I love their work. Thanks Katherine!

Monday, November 16, 2009

cocktail dress capital of the world

I think this painting is finished. Yay! I had the hardest time taking a picture of it. I kept getting a glare from the overhead lights. This painting is in the museum show in Jan.- you'll just have to see it in person. I am thinking about calling it "Keep it Classy." It was the window display at the old Classy Creations store on the square next to Ajax. Most of you already know this... but Oxford is the cocktail dress capital of the world. We have at least 8 stores dedicated to semi-formal dressware (in a town of 20,000). Cocktail dresses are the most girly which appeal to our hyperfemine student body. Oh- this painting is 7 feet by 5 feet so the dresses are bigger than life size.

As the semester starts to wind down (I have 3 more classes on MW), hopefully I will be able to blog/make stuff more.... stay tuned! HB and I just back from New Orleans so we have some additions to the chicken bucket list. Check it out!