Sunday, July 9, 2017

IKEA Fjellse Bed Hack

IKEA Fjellse Bed Hack

We hacked it!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Updates from the #loudio

 Citron yella, acrylic on mdf, 36" round
 A Peelin', 20" x 30", acrylic on canvas
My head tomatoes, gouache on yupo, 30" x 40" each (3)
Green grape, 20" x 26", gouache on yupo, 2016

Orange Deuce, acrylic, mylar, fabric, 11" x 14", 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016


My work will be exhibited at The Garage in Charlottesville this month. Read all about it here and here.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Here are a couple of new things from the studio.
 Fig about it, 2 11"x 14", acrylic on canvas
Tomato time, 19" x 24" acrylic on mylar, 2016
 Frisky Whiskey, 19" x 24" acrylic on mylar, 2016

Here we go a gin, 19" x 24" acrylic on mylar, 2016

Here is a painting from last summer with me!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Studio Update--- Willco Studios edition

 Pumelos, watercolor and acrylic on yupo, 19" x 24", 2015

Lime after lime, 48" x 48", acrylic on canvas, 2015
Gettin' Figgy with It, oil on brass, 11" x 14", 2015
On top of spaghetti..., acrylic on yupo, 19" x 24", 2015

 Here are some pieces from the Gallery Rally at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville. The top one is gouache on yupo and the bottom one is mixed media.


 Here are new pieces from my new studio just off the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. Follow me on Instagram (lou_haney) for more.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Studio update- Summer 2015 edition

 Summer is almost over and I am still scanning. Here is one part of "Binary Berry", 38" x 24", acrylic on mylar.
 Here is a detail.
 I have always been interested in creating my own wallpaper for the paintings. This is a 6' x 7' painting with acrylic and conte crayon. The smaller paintings are on mylar. I am experimenting with how to install the piece.
 "We got the beet" 19" x 24" acrylic on mylar. This is a candy cane beet that I bought at the Farmer's Market in Charlottesville.
I am still playing with pattern. The pattern is acrylic on yupo and the "Closer to Lime" piece is acrylic on mylar.

Off to the studio! I'm on instagram as "Loudieroo" if you want to see more frequent "loudio" updates.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Holly Folly update

 Here is a #renomemo from the new house. We are getting super close and will have some more finished photos soon.
 Back to the studs!


Friday, April 17, 2015

30/30 Fest

On 4/11/15, I participated in the 30/30 Fest in Charlottesville. We had a great opening. Here are some images from the one night only show.

 These pieces are different from my previous work. They are much more improvisational with the layering of pattern, drawings, and the mylar paintings.
 Here are some panoramic images from the exhibition.
Thanks Joe and Eleanor!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Here are some new works from the Loudio

 Closer to fine, acrylic on mylar, 19" x 24"
 Hard Chard, detail
 Hard Chard, 40" x 50", acrylic on canvas
 Squashed, acrylic on mylar, 19" x 24"
Pom Pom, gouache on yupo, 25" x 40

Find me on Instagram as Loudieroo or follow #Loudio

Monday, December 15, 2014


Here are some images from my new studio.

 Vitamin See, 24" x 19", acrylic on mylar
 Cabbage Patch, 19" x 24", acrylic on mylar
 Florally, acrylic on mylar, 19" x 24"
 Par-fete, acrylic on mylar, watercolor paper, 24" x 19"

Pattern pieces, acrylic on yupo, 20" x 25"

You can find me on Instagram as Loudieroo. All my studio work is under #loudio