Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tiny moma

Just a quick trip to moma... Here are some of the highlights.

Wolfgang laib pollen- it was beautiful and so hard to capture. This work is so great in real life.

Art lesson in front of starry night.

Suzanne Duchamp! Who knew!!?! I had no idea that marcel had a sister who was also an artist. This was part of the Inventing Abstraction show.

Sophie Tauber Arp- modernist needlepoint in the Inventing Abstraction show.

In the Tokyo avant garde show- I really liked this piece by sekine nobuo. I love those neon frames! Sorry for the crappy photo- I totally sneaked it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lets talk about love

Last night I went by printed matter in Chelsea to see the Lets Talk about love exhibit. I loved seeing how all of the artists interpreted the theme. Thanks again chido!

Art around town

I'm visiting the UM museum with my class today. There are several special exhibitions up. I really like the Kathleen Robbins exhibit of her Delta photographs. I see some Eggleston and Christenberry in the work.