Monday, December 15, 2014


Here are some images from my new studio.

 Vitamin See, 24" x 19", acrylic on mylar
 Cabbage Patch, 19" x 24", acrylic on mylar
 Florally, acrylic on mylar, 19" x 24"
 Par-fete, acrylic on mylar, watercolor paper, 24" x 19"

Pattern pieces, acrylic on yupo, 20" x 25"

You can find me on Instagram as Loudieroo. All my studio work is under #loudio

Holly Folly!

We haved moved to Charlottesville. We are renovating a house that was built (not updated) in 1972.

Here are some before shots.

 Self-portrait in half bath.
 Master bathroom in mauve
 lighting in the hall bathroom
 Multi-color paneling. This will be Annie's room.
 Hall bathroom in mint green
 Avocado green counter and sink.
 demo in the front room.
 More shots of the red bathroom.

 Avocado green retractable lamp in the kitchen. This wall/wallpaper will come down.

 Pulling down the paneling in the front room. All the floors are coming up too. Every room has a different floor.

Friday, May 30, 2014

end of may....

A peek into my studio

 Old Fashioned, 19" x 24", acrylic on mylar
 Melting, watercolor on yupo, 23 x 35
 I Sing! 23" x 35" acrylic on yupo
 Tower of Cake, collage on mylar, 19" x 24"
Drew Berrymore, 9" x 12" acrylic on yupo
studio shot
 Talking Heads, newborn size, custom Spoonflower fabric based on a collage

Monday, April 7, 2014


Here is an article about a group exhibition at UNCW that featured one of the quilted pieces.


Friday, March 21, 2014

March on!

Here is studio update with some professional photography. The titles are tentative... I need a witty brainstorming session.

Indigo and Neon, 24" x 36", mixed media- The cake is a pink camo cake kit from Walmart. I made the cake and then painted it on mylar. The background is hand dyed indigo (by me) pieced with neon fabric.
 Blush and Bashful, 24" x 36",  mylar and fabric
 citrus still life, 19" x 25", watercolor on yupo
 roccoccococake, 19" x 25", watercolor and acrylic on yupo
 sauced, 19" x 25", watercolor on yupo
 Parfait Party, 19" x 24", acrylic on yupo

 piece, 24" x 17", fabric
Stripes, 20" x 30", mixed media

I love TV, 19" x 24", collage

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

sew sew

Although I am trained as a painter, I love textiles. I found the original quilts in my grandmother's attic. They were in bad shape. The fabric was deteriorating beyond repair, so I decided to cut them up and repurpose the quilts into artwork. The quilts have organic quality with the cotton batting and not so straight hand quilting so I juxtaposed the handmade essence with the san serif machine embroidery. I chose words that have multiple meanings depending on the context. All of the words have a quilting connotation but could means something very different in another situation.