Monday, August 3, 2015

Studio update- Summer 2015 edition

 Summer is almost over and I am still scanning. Here is one part of "Binary Berry", 38" x 24", acrylic on mylar.
 Here is a detail.
 I have always been interested in creating my own wallpaper for the paintings. This is a 6' x 7' painting with acrylic and conte crayon. The smaller paintings are on mylar. I am experimenting with how to install the piece.
 "We got the beet" 19" x 24" acrylic on mylar. This is a candy cane beet that I bought at the Farmer's Market in Charlottesville.
I am still playing with pattern. The pattern is acrylic on yupo and the "Closer to Lime" piece is acrylic on mylar.

Off to the studio! I'm on instagram as "Loudieroo" if you want to see more frequent "loudio" updates.


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