Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work in Progress

Here is my current painting. I am in the final stretches with this one. It is the Ultimate America room. I think Elvis would be jealous. I have always been influenced by Graceland. This one reminds me of the Billards room.

I can't decide what to title the work....

1. Political Dinner Party (groan)
2. These colors don't run
3. Patriot's Place

I need a title that is punny. Those titles could be improved upon. Look out for the finished piece.


Mira said...

of the titles.... the first two aren't so hot, and the third one has some promise. You have inspired me and now I want to start posting my work in progress on a blog too.

Mira said...


cool painting. I am intrigued with this new direction. hmmmmmm.

tim mcdonald said...

I like these paintings. It seems logical to me that more "graphic" elements are coming in--text, symbols (flags,etc.). When I consider the striped backgrounds and eyeball seduction of your subjects, it seems that icons and languange/text would deepen their allure and humor. Sweeet!

How about Imperial Dining Room? Or Design On YOUR Dime.