Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boston aka Sweet Tea Party

Tara Donovan, styrofoam cups and hot glue

I am just finishing up my whirlwind trip to Boston. I have a show at Framingham State College. Today, I met with the senior seminar class, gave a lecture, and had a reception. Whew.....

I also had a great Japanese dinner with a friend from Vermont, Amanda Fiedler.

The best part... the ICA Boston. Tim (the gallery director at Framingham) and I headed into Boston to check out the Tara Donovan show. It was incredible (she just won the MacArthur Genius Grant). She uses really mundane materials to create these really sublime, beautiful and in some cases psychedelic installations. Tara's work doesn't photograph well, but it truly amazing in person. I needed to see a good show..... back to MS and back to the studio in the morning.

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