Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheney Haney part 2

The gate to my studio
Here is the inside of the studio. Around the fireplace are plaques with everyone who has been in the studio since 1900. There are some intimidating names who called Cheney home.

Screened in porch
view from the porch

So I am here in New Hampshire. MacDowell is lovely and the food is fantastic! It is raining today, but yesterday was beautiful. Here are some pictures of my studio, Cheney. Let me know if you have some questions. I'll take some photos of my room and the public spaces soon.


Will Cooley Fan Club said...

Whose names are on the plaques that we might know?

Will Cooley Fan Club said...

Also, should we start watering the plants?

Lou said...

There are a couple of names that I know... Sarah Walker (she was the visiting artist in Vermont) and Joe Fyfe.

I need to write down some names and do some googling. There are names that are vaguely familiar.

No worries about the plants unless it gets really hot and dry (or if you are bored). Thanks.