Friday, December 11, 2009

I might be record time!

phase 1
Phase 2
here we go! I need to look at this at greater length to see if it is done- I am close.

This painting is based on some photography and jello making I did last summer. I got some large prints made from Walgreens.

I think of this painting as a color theory exercise. My palette was very limited. I used cadmium yellow, cadmium red, phythlo green (blue shade) and white. It reminds of the 2 color palette I have my students do in Art 102.

I also used gloss medium for the glass and matte medium for the background. I want to try and replicate the actual textures of the glass and fabric as much as possible. Since I work so photographically, one of the things I ponder in my studio is why these images need to be a painting. Paint can treat surfaces very different than a photo. The pigment load in my beloved Golden acrylic paint has a saturation level that photography just can't replicate. I don't think every photo should be a painting- in many cases it should not. However, I think if you use paint in a deliberate manner, some photographs warrant a painting.

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April D said...

That's a good point about not every picture warranting a painting but I have to save that I tend to give more respect to people that have paintings on their walls than just photos. Even if it's the same subject and point of view. I guess that's my southern snobbery coming out. I have no professional photos on my wall, but I do have a painting I purchased that was painted from a photo. After seeing the photo, I much preferred the painting.
I think I need to go gallery shopping for a professionally shot photo and see if it sways my thinking.