Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mitchell Wright and UM Museum

I headed over to the University Museum today to check out the Mitchell Wright show in the Fortune Gallery. Mitchell is an artist who grew up in South Mississippi and now lives in Brooklyn. Most of the work was about burning and deconstruction. The paintings are very tight and meticulious. I love the tape/exacto knife painting method. The painting method really contradicts the subject matter. It is a cool way of depicting a rash and violent scene. Just with Christenberry, I find it interesting making "southern" art in NYC. I sure it seems so much more exotic up there.

While you are there, make sure to see the Marie Hull and Andrew Bucci show. Marie was born in 1890 and didn't start making abstract work until 1940. I love late bloomers! It is amazing how ahead of their time these paintings seem (Guston, Joan Mitchell, Rothko).

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