Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We headed up to Memphis on Friday to Hamlett Dobbins'  show at David Lusk Gallery. DLG is a beautiful space (i would love to show there). Hamlett's work looked outstanding. An opening is not always the best time to see a show (there was a big crowd). I bet Hamlett's work reveals itself over multiple viewings.

To me this work is about layers and the illusion of 3D. The paintings are both flat and dimensional. Hamlett is a painter's painter- his works are about the history of abstract painting (with some goofy shapes and jokes as well).

After the reception, we headed downtown to the Orpheum for some video/public art.

Below is part of the press release for the show. Jill Wissmiller is the artist who orchestrated the largest karyoke screen in Memphis. I loved how the projection kept changing. It was super cool- we need a curious pictures for Oxford. Anybody have any ideas on a good projection building?

Videos will be mixed and modified.
Lots of drawing will be done.
Karaoke will be sung.
And… we may play some Wii.
You too will be able to participate in the crazy.
You just gotta show up to draw up the side of the Orpheum.

This LAVISH display is just this one night -- so don't miss it.

It's all going down thanks to:
The UrbanArt Commission and the Center City Commission
This project is a part of the "Curious Pictures" Series, Winner of the 2010 First Horizon Innovation in the Arts Award.

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dwayne said...

it was great to see you in memphis. sorry to miss the powerhouse opening...look forward to images of that soon.