Friday, January 21, 2011

Robert Storr at Meek Hall.

Robert Storr and Bruce Levingston lectured/performed on Wednesday night. Dr. Storr gave an amazing lecture connecting music and art. He focused on the relationship between Phillip Glass (Ira's cousin) and Chuck Close. He also touched on Gerhardt Richter (one of my favorites). Bruce Levingston is a concert pianist. He gave an amazing performance- from Chopin to Phillip Glass. It was a great night. On Thursday morning, Mr. Levingston and Dr. Storr participated in a discussion at the Art Department. We discussed the possibility that the center of the art world has left Manhattan for Brooklyn. It was an amazing 24 hours and we hope they will come back. They had to skip the life-changing tour of the department by yours truly because of the weather.

Here is my new painting. It is small (24" x 36"). I am always interested in the compulsion to put faces on food.

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