Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Morning After....

the One Night Stand. This was my first installation in almost 10 years (it may be 10 more before I do another one) 

Here are some process shots.
Room 134 before we "moved" in.
I reused the Redneck Stained Glass from the Powerhouse show last year. It became quilted wallpaper. My love of Graceland is no secret. I wanted to recreate a version of the billards room.

Here is the room during the day. Notice the party lights!

 Here is the same room at night.

Quilts in the front room and drawings and prints in the back!

Here is room 134 this morning!


Sweet Pickles said...

I would much rather spend a night in that room as envisioned by you! :)

April Dorris said...

That was a fantastic idea! Will you make this a yearly event? I would love to plan a trip down to see it in the future.