Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brooklyn Baby Part 2

I headed up to the Brooklyn Museum of Art (my first time). It was a couple of stops on the subway and boom- I was there. It is a great encyclopedia museum. I thought the contemporary art on the 4th floor was very strong. The American floor was nice as well. BAM has a very diverse collection. Overall, it was a great place to spend a rainy Sunday. Here are some of the highlights.
Exterior of the Brooklyn Art Museum. It is huge!
Yinka Shonibare is an UK born artist with African roots. This work is about colonization, among other things. I love the over the top patterns and colors.
Art Noveau, Paris gates, c.1900
Mark Bradford, "Jheri Now, Curl Later." Mark is one of my favorite artists. He lives in LA and I heard him talk in grad school. To pay the bills when he was in school, he was a hairdresser in Compton. He uses the foils of the beauty shop and the ubiquitous posters of the inner city to make large abstract works. This is about 12' x 10'.
Do Hoh Suh- He is Korean artist that I found out about on Art 21. I almost always show his work to my Art 101 class. The upper photo of a detail of the lower.

Giant Toy Indian- I am a sucker for art that deals with scale. This a wonderful entrance piece to American Galleries. I can't for the life of me find the artist details for this piece. Maybe I can send the troops to BAM and tell me who this artist is...
For Sweet Pickles- Queen Hatshesput, my favorite Pharoah.

Georgia O'Keefe's Brooklyn Bridge This is for HB- Contemporary furniture. The BAM has Visible Art Storage Rooms. It is very interesting to see behind the scenes.

That is all for today. Tomorrow is the art store, circle cruise, and Museum of Natural History... fingers crossed for no rain!


Sweet Pickles said...

Glad you got to do the Brooklyn Museum of Art! I've only been once, but was impressed. Wish I was there now with y'all!

P.S. - I like that Hatshepsut is your favorite pharaoh... you are so Dynasty XVIII! :)

ejs said...

Are we going to get to go here? I would love it! and I wouldnt mind finding out whose toy indian that is either!

Langemand said...

"I can't for the life of me find the artist details for this piece. Maybe I can send the troops to BAM and tell me who this artist is..."
I'm interested in the artist who made that giant red indian, too... did you find out who it is?
much obliged

Langemand said...

Or could it be ... a fake?!

firedog said...

I'm new here. Love the photos! Fan of lighting and chair design, and art. Getting a great idea for concrete filled chair forms.

firedog said...

Giant plastic toy indian is Yoram Wolberger. I was wondering myself, as I'd like to do some marx-style plastic cowboys and army men. Y.W. beat me to the idea. Was thinking about the vintage plastic pink flamingos. We ought to have new annual yard art beyond knomes, birds and spinners!