Friday, August 14, 2009


This small little painting (16" x 20") is based off a photo I took in NYC. Those toys in Central Park.... I find them sweet, cheap, and obnoxious. Of all the things you could buy in NYC- you have the best toys in the world. This is more at home in the Dollar General than next to the Upper West Side. However, I am going to raffle this painting off at the show (see below) for the Ole Miss Student Art Association. Brooke is going to do the same with one piece she created on the Tanzania trip. Hopefully, we will make lots of cash for the poor art department.

HB and I are headed to the beach for a quick trip. I am dropping off Flamin' Paintin' at the Space 301 in Mobile. It will be up for the Art in Academia Show for the SECAC conference.

HB and I are also starting an experimental blog. I have no idea how much we will post, but I think it will be a fun and yummy project.

see you next week!

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