Thursday, March 25, 2010

jamon...churros... oh my

Here is the la Boqueria Market just off the Ramblas in Barcelona. We ate some amazing meals, however we have few pictures. We didn't want to be the "ugly americans". Trust us the food is good in Catalunya.
Kevin is here with his favorite thing from Catalunya- jamon! We tasted some hams that cost hundreds of dollars and were aged as carefully as wine.

Lots of bright, shiny candy... I love it!Mid- afternoon snack. Churros and chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, I went to the museum of chocolate, which I would not recommend. I went because I had read that they display all of the crazy dioramas in chocolate that are used in store displays. They were not as awesome as I had hoped... luckily I went in the wrong entrance and got it free. No five euros for me. Here is the Sagrada Familia in chocolate and some charming molds.More to come.... Cava and Montserrat

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