Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Decatur

 I went home to visit my parents. Luckily, some of the Christmas decorations were still up. Old Decatur and Albany, the Victorian neighborhoods, have Christmas decorating contests every year. This is the overall "Best in Show." I love the apples and over the top lighting!

throwing "snowballs"
 This house won 1st place in Christmas with a twist. The car in the driveway had an "ArtEd" vanity license tag. The figures (we counted 11) are life-sized and plastic. I am envisioning a family art project with saran wrap and packing tape. This is an amazing group!
1st place- christmas with a twist

plastic people hanging lights
Finally, here is a bit of Christmas kitsch from my parents. My mother has a fiber-optic forest on the back porch. She has a least 12 fiber-optic trees. It is like a giant christmas lava lamp.

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