Friday, December 31, 2010

Huntsville Museum of Art

My mother and I scooted over to Huntsville yesterday. The Huntsville Museum of Art had a big expansion and it just reopened. Here are some images of my favorite things.

 American Studio glass
 Buccellati Silver Animals
 Mark Messersmith renders the coastal Southeastern landscape as a mysterious environment still inhabited by powerful birds, vigilant panthers, weary gators, blackwater swamps and old cypress trees—all vying with mankind for space and survival.

These painting are big, over-the-top, colorful, and contain dioramas. I should love them.... However, it was a whole room of paintings that where too close together. The paintings were all the same size and the subject matter didn't vary much. The paintings all had a diorama at the bottom and the carved pediment on the frame. The things hanging on the front were a bit gimmicky.

The strongest show was We Hate Jackson Pollock. That is an unfortunate title, but the show highlighted Pop and photorealism from the 1960s and 1970s. They had some Warhols, Lichtensteins, Stellas, Rauschenbergs, and some surprises.

 Richard Estes, screenprint
 James Vallerio, graphite on paper
A discovery- David Parrish. He is a Huntsville artist who shows all over the world. He makes giant photorealistic paintings of pop culture. He is like Glenray Tutor but more abstract. hmmm...

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