Monday, April 4, 2011

Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM!)

 SLAM at night...
 Gerhard Richter, January, December, November, 1989. These paintings are massive- I would bet they are 12' x 15'. The amount of detail in the work is really dense and complex. My battery was fading at this point. I could have taken a ton of pictures
 Gerhardt Richter, Betty, 1988. This is a lovely painting. It is probably 4' x 3'. It is soft up close and hard from across the room.
 Ahhh Giacometti ....

The German painting at SLAM is really nice, Sigmar Polke, Max Beckmann, etc. I really loved the Kentridge films.

Studio update- This painting is 5' x 4'. It is based off a photo from Mexico City.

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