Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Steal Like An Artist

I just got back from the FATE conference in St. Louis. I have some pictures to share with you but my camera battery is dead. Stay tuned.

I chaired a session on Radical Erasures/ 21st century drawing. I also moderated a discussion with Matt Homann of CocaBiz. One of his topics was the positive qualities of art students and what they could bring to business. It was interesting to think about the culture of art/ art school and how it is different than other disciplines.

This is one of the things he said in our session...

What artists can give to business
1) ability to critique, give feedback
2) collaboration
3) creativity under deadline

This post by Austin Kleon is really interesting. He talks about appropriation- it is not what you take, but how you use it. He also gives some advice on how to live a creative/ productive life.


Anonymous said...

Let me say how much I appreciate his point on creativity under deadline. I and many of my "sciencey" friends struggle greatly with this issue, and have real respect for you. - LShep

Lou said...

Thanks LShep! My students really struggle with deadlines, however it is the one thing that makes or breaks an artist.