Saturday, July 19, 2008

Open Studio Night at VSC

I finished "Peachy Keen" (thanks mamma for the title). It is 16"x 20"

Here are some random pictures from Johnson. We had an open studio on Thursday night. I took a couple of pictures of some interesting work.
Michael Velliquette- drawing
Cecile Chong- encaustic painting
Aaron Richmond- mixed media (charcoal and fabric on craft paper)
Kate Budd- wax sculpture
John Schiro- enamel painting
More shots coming soom... stay tuned....

1 comment:

Sweet Pickles said...

Looks like you're working with some other great artists up there. Tell Cecile Chong to keep on keepin' on... that piece of hers is luscious. Sweet Pickles needs more encaustic the way some people need more cowbell!