Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snapshots from Vermont

Here are some pictures of Johnson. This is the river that runs through town and next to the dining hall. I love to find a table at meals that looks over the water.

The next shots are of the house I am living in and the view from my window.

The here is the Mint Julep progress shot. The condensation on the cup is killing me.... slow going.
We finally have cooler weather. Everyone here complained about the humidity (which was nothing) while I lamented the lack of air conditioning.


Yankee Librarian said...

Vermont looks lovely. And I hear you on the lack of air conditioning. People in the pacific northwest complain about the heat (low 80s) while I keep thinking, "Why no air conditioning?"

mightyfineartist said...

Hi Lou, the condensation is what makes the painting for me. I love the detail.

And by the way, hey how are you?!?!?! =) Lisette