Friday, August 6, 2010

Chelsea Chelsea

I went to the High Line and Chelsea with my class today. Here are some of my favorite works... I saw a lot of good paintings (not always the case in Chelsea).

Beau Chamberlain at Winston Wachter Fine Art. This work is really great.  I love the organic quality and variety of paint handling.

Scott Patt at Winston Wachter Fine Art
Lonnie Holley at Jeff Bailey. Lonnie is a Birmingham artist. He was a visiting artist when I was in elementary school.
Mel Bochner... I love how "happy" he depicts a sad subject
Carol Bove, "Peacock"- Unfortunately this is somewhat self-portrait, but I really like this large scale piece.
Joseph Raffael at Nancy Hoffman. This watercolor piece was big (10' x 12'). It is amazing how much scale influences my opinion of certain works. I love giant watercolor works!

Nobu Fukui at Stephen Haller Gallery. This work is really flat and with 3D elements- collage, paint, beads.
Wayne Gonzales at Mitchell Innes Nash. This painting seemed to shimmer and when you get up close it is rigid and precise.
It was a short trip to Chelsea. It can be hit or miss. Today was a hit.

Here is a quote from the Mitchell-Innes Nash press release that sums up the themes for the day. "In ITEM there is an atmosphere of sneaky fun, and rigorous practices are inflected by human idiosyncrasies or allowed mistakes."

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