Friday, August 13, 2010

Whitney- Burchfield

After Neue Gallerie, I sprinted down Madison Avenue to visit the Whitney. I really wanted to the see the Charles Burchfield show and the Christian Marclay.

Burchfield, Dandelions Seed heads and moon, watercolor on paper
No photos of the Burchfield... so the following are some of my favorites that I found on google. I really liked his watercolors from the beginning and end of his career. They are loose, free, and weird. His middle aged oil paintings are almost too tight. They lack the joy of the younger and older Charles.

The Four Seasons, 1961-65, watercolor, approximately 5' x 3'
Burchfield, original painting for wallpaper design
In the 1920s, Burchfield went to work for a wallpaper company. They had room with his wallpaper. I would have loved a picture of it. I love when museums break that white wall. I am not sure how restful Burchfield's wallpaper is (not for a bedroom). Here is an installation shot from the Whitney.

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