Thursday, July 14, 2011

I see Chelsea

It is Thursday night- openings! We went up to Mixed Greens. They had a great group show, Cabin Fever. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces.

Painting by Abraham Storer
Mixed media piece by Megan Foster
Jonathan Ehrenberg's great lo-fi videos

Art Blog Art Blog
After Mixed Greens, we went across the street to Ross Bleckner's Studio. Bleckner is in the Hamptons this summer so he donated his space to his former assistant, Joshua Abelow and author of Art Blog Art Blog. He has been hosting shows in the space (called Art Blog Art Blog) all summer. The show, "Can I Get A Witness" had some interesting pieces but I loved the space.   It was big and white with incredible light/windows/view. How do you make art when the view is so amazing?

I am not sure who made what...
Nice drawing but the way it is hung feels gimmicky. 

View from Bleckner's studio
Another view- the High Line from above. I can't stop taking pictures of it...
Another High Line shot- I have never seen it from above. I'll stop (for now).

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