Wednesday, July 6, 2011

see chelsea part 1

So one of the reasons that I chose SVA for a residency is its location. I am steps away from the Chelsea Market, the High Line (stay tuned) and the galleries. Long-time readers will know that I love all three of these things. I am going to try and see as much art as possible this month. I started off on 20th street at Postmasters Gallery.

The piece above is an urban garden by Natalie Jeremijenko at Postmasters. The piece below is a digital work on canvas by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung.

The installation shot (above) and drawing (below) are by Jason Polan at the Nicolas Robinson Gallery. The artist was in the gallery playing ping pong with someone while I was looking at the show.
Roberta Smith reviewed the show in the NY Times. She says...

Jason Polan is an incessant draftsman and enterprising artist interested in making both his art and himself more available. Through his Web site he can be commissioned to make an hour’s worth of drawings for $125 and will consider requests. One of his several projects is to draw every person in New York. His self-published books include “Every Piece of Art in the Museum of Modern Art Book.”
Mr. Polan’s New York solo debut includes “One Month,” a series of 31 drawings, each depicting objects encountered during a single day and drawn from life. The exhibition also includes a Ping-Pong table, available for use, that is drawn all over with four-legged animals (polar bears?) evoking Keith Haring; an imposing life-size rendering of the head of King Kong; and, my favorite, a wall covered with drawings in several sizes of dense, smudgy black circles. 

Finally at Jack Shainman Gallery, I saw a photograph of Sweet Pickles if he was African. Later!

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