Friday, July 8, 2011

You Met!

I just got back from a wonderful morning at the Met. We went early to see the Alexander McQueen show. I snuck one picture in the exhibit. It was amazing. Maximal, textured, theatrical- it had it all. My favorite was the red satin and sequins (of course). Here is a link to some of the objects. Wow!

Alexander McQueen flowing cape.

Anthony Caro on the roof. What a letdown compared to Roxy Paine and the Big Bambu...
More my speed- El Anatsui in the foreground with Anish Kapoor in the background. Shiny.....
Liza Lou "rope".... if you look closely you will see all of the tiny, tiny beads. I love the obsession.

What a great corner! Hans Hoffmann, one of my all-time favorites, with Elsworth Kelly on the back wall.
Here is a discovery- Florine Stettheimer, Catherdals of Fifth Avenue, 1931. I need to use more gold leaf.

Malcolm Morley, On Deck, 1966

I am off to the studio to make some work of my own!

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