Saturday, June 19, 2010

Checkin' Chelsea

After the High Line, I checked out Chelsea. Here are some of the things I liked or thought were interesting.

Leslie Wayne at Jack Shaiman. These paintings were tiny. I love the luscious, sculptural quality.

 Rodney Graham- We saw his show at the contemporary art museum in Barcelona. I love the high resolution and the lightboxes are interesting. 

Tanja Hollander- This work reminded me of Brooke White's work AND the location is Maine.

Wayne Thiebaud- I love the Thiebaud (of course). This drawing makes me laugh. I love anthropormorphized sandwiches.

At Andrea Rosen, I saw the work of an old friend, Nate Lowman. I met Nate  back in the early 2000s at Painting's Edge in Idyllwild, CA.

 Guess who is the artist?

John Wesley... whiskey.

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