Sunday, June 13, 2010

Queen of Queens, part 1

I headed out to Queens today. First I checked out Greater New York show at PS1. PS1 doesn't allow photography so I had to sneak some photos.

I saw several pieces that used digital prints in an interesting way. This piece is by Mariah Robertson- a giant print.

Dave Miko's collection of paintings- from process to highly rendered watercolors.

This is a sculpture/ assemblage/ video piece by Tommy Hartung. His videos are stop action and seem very low tech. There is also a lovely relationship with nature and craft. I love the mixing to medias and constructed environments.

This is my favorite piece by Franklin Evans. It is an installation with tape, painting, and photocopies. To me this work is about the mania and the life of an artist. The photocopies are the press releases from Chelsea shows.

I also liked Tauba Auerbach's paintings. The paintings look like wrinkled or folded fabric. I think the paintings are airbrushed on raw canvas.

Another video piece was a mash-up of opera and rap videos by Rashaad Newsome. It reminded me of another one of my favorites, Christian Marclay.

I enjoyed the painting as installation by Das Institut. I was definitely impressed by the facility with a squegee.

There were 68 artists in the show. I was excited about a few of the artists---not everything, but it still was an interesting show.

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