Saturday, June 12, 2010

mamma MOMA!

I went on a private tour of MOMA (thanks Academic Traveler). It was lovely to visit the Moma without the huge crowds.

Jasper John's Map of the USA--- my part of the world.

Robert Rauschenberg's Bed (born in Port Arthur, TX and attended Black Mountain College outside of Asheville, NC). I love the tension between the "homeyness" of the quilt and the "wildness" of the dripping paint.

Lee Bontecou sculpture

Speaking of women artists, I loved the Photography by Women show. I am always amazed how few of the names are recognizable. I thought the show was stronger than Henri Cartier-Bresson show.

A new artist to me- Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living Women American Artists, 1972

Mary E. Frey, 1984-87, Untitled from the series Real Life Dramas- This piece is really funny, despite the concept being knocked off by countless cards, coffee mugs, and magnets.

 Louise Bourgeois, 2004, fabric book. I really enjoyed this piece and I am saddened by her recent death.

Here is my view of the Empire State Building from the apartment. Good night!

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Sweet Pickles said...

I'm so jealous. And I've never been to the Queens Museum of Art!