Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drawing Marathon

After spending 5 days talking about the benefits of observational drawing, I am now practicing what I preach... and my shoulder hurts.

I am taking a Drawing Marathon at the New York Studio School. The school is near Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

I have not drawn from life (besides teaching drawing and really boring meetings) in 10 years. Next week, we work with a model and I am scared....

I had drinks and very good appetizers with a friend from Oxford on the mezzanine at Grand Central Station.  It was a very peaceful way to wind up a hectic day.

More reports to come!

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Will Cooley Fan Club said...

I hope you are having a good time. Yesterday I was watching Reno 911! and thought, "I should call Lou and tell her to turn it on", but then I remembered you are away. No matter--I can't even remember exactly what had me in fits (I think it was the rollerskating guy listing his talents as "High Fives. Low Fives. Roller Dancing")